Microlens produces a wide range of contact lenses. Rougly to be divided into three sections.


Bottle StabMax

See Soft Rx lenses

  • A broad range of Soft Rx Lenses. The StabMax® toric soft lenses and the K-Soft® lenses, designed according the latest understanding of corneal and scleral geometry. This range of lenses enables you to fit virtually every eye successfully because of:
    - the almost unlimited specification possibilities concerning the fit.
    - the choice of materials.
    - the support of a special corresponding computer program.
    - the choice of different optical effects (monofocal, bifocals, etc.)

Box GP

 See GP lenses

  • GP lenses. Microlens® introduced in 1981 the first generation of full aspheric GP lenses. Through the years. Microlens® always kept her innovative character by introducing new special varieties such as meridian specific GP’s and quadrant specific GP’s. Not only as to the geometry, but also in the optical field Microlens® is always at the forefront (aplanatic lenses, multifocal variations, etc.)


 See Misa® Scleral lenses

  • In recent years Microlens® developed a total new generation of Misa® Scleral lenses. This system set new boundaries in the treatment and restoring the optical quality of damaged and affected eye. This Misa® lenses are generally accepted as the best choice for advanced keratoconus and lot of other indications or to postpone or avoid corneal graft.